Educational tools designed to empower teachers and students.

Welcome to Edion

Edion creates AI-driven solutions for teachers and students to find their joy in teaching and learning.

Our Mission

The age of artificial intelligence has begun and teachers are still spending too much time on administrative work, with little time left for students. Let’s face it—manually filling-in custom templates, grading work or writing reports is outdated and inefficient. That’s why at Edion we want to give all educators the freedom to design classrooms exactly the way they want to, while students learn exactly the way they like to.

What We Do

Edion’s core focus is on transforming the educational landscape through two groundbreaking AI-driven solutions: our Teaching Assistant is designed to elevate educators by significantly reducing administrative workload, and our Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) is engineered to unlock any learner’s happiness.

Talk To Your cApp: Technology isn’t easy to use, and AI is hardly explainable. All of our tools exist as conversational applications (cApps): lifelike applications designed to meet any educator’s needs through a speech-first interface. With the capacity to explain their reasoning and actions, cApps align with every day communication by enabling users to interact with software in a conversational manner. This significantly enhances user experience and efficiency and makes the technology accessible to everyone regardless of their digital skills.

AI Teaching Assistant

Revolutionizing Administrative Tasks: Our AI Teaching Assistant is primarily developed to tackle the most time-consuming administrative tasks that burden educators. By automating most of the efforts needed to grade papers, write reports or keep track of students, the assistant significantly reduces the time teachers spends on peripheral tasks, allowing them to dedicate more energy to improving their classroom.

Customizable Content Creation: The assistant not only handles administrative tasks but also aids in creating personalized educational content. This includes generating customized tests and exercises based on the curriculum and individual student needs, thus supporting differentiated instruction.

Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS)

Personalized Learning Pathways: Our ITS adapts dynamically to the learning styles and paces of individual students. It uses real-time data to adjust the difficulty and type of educational content it offers, ensuring that each student receives a uniquely tailored learning experience.

Interactive and Engaging: Through the use of interactive exercises, quizzes, and visual aids, the ITS makes learning more engaging for students. It provides immediate feedback and explanations, helping students understand complex concepts and encouraging a deeper exploration of the subject matter.

Data-Driven Insights: The system continually analyzes student performance to provide insights that help educators make informed decisions about their teaching strategies. This data-driven approach supports a more effective and responsive educational environment.

Progress and Innovation

Completion of MIT Feasibility Study

We successfully concluded a feasibility study, funded by the MIT grant, administered by the Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland (SNN), that encompassed both economic and technical research. This critical phase involved detailed discussions with dozens of teachers across the Netherlands and educational experts globally. Our findings have directly informed the development of our AI-driven solutions, ensuring they meet the real-world needs of educators.

Prototype Development

We are currently in the development phase of our AI Teaching Assistant, focusing initially on the report generation module. This module is designed to automate one of the most time-consuming tasks for educators, transforming hours of paperwork into minutes of conversation. The prototype is slated to be functional and ready for initial testing in classroom settings by July this year.

Iterative Testing and Development

Following the initial prototype release, we plan to engage in rigorous testing with our community of educators across the Netherlands. This iterative process is vital for refining the functionality based on direct user feedback and will extend to the subsequent development phases for additional modules like exercise generation.

Future Plans: Expanding Capabilities

Post-prototype testing, our roadmap includes the development of further advanced modules such as exercise and test generation. These features will complement the report generation by offering comprehensive content creation that supports personalized learning experiences.

Strategic Collaborations

We actively seek and establish collaborations that enhance our technological capabilities and expand our reach. Partnerships with academic institutions and technology leaders are pivotal in our ongoing research and development efforts.

Commitment to Continuous Innovation

At Edion, innovation is continuous. We are committed to staying ahead of technological advancements and educational needs. Our team is constantly exploring new ways to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of educational processes through AI and machine learning.

Meet the Team

Edion’s journey is steered by co-founders Ark Deliev and Olivia Monné.

Ark Deliev - Co-founder, CEO (LinkedIn)

Ark is an AI bachelor-level student at the University of Groningen, scheduled to graduate next year. He brings to Edion a rich backdrop of experience and insights from the realms of crypto and decentralised finance, having contributed to notable projects, including Metavault DAO.

You can contact Ark by emailing ark period deliev at edion period io.

Olivia Monné - Co-founder, CTO (LinkedIn)

Olivia completed her bachelor’s degree in AI at the University of Groningen and her master’s in AI at the Vrije University in Amsterdam. Her expertise in machine learning is enriched by significant contributions to the DeFi project Eternal as well as her experience freelancing as a full-stack engineer.

You can contact Olivia by emailing omonne at edion period io.

Liam McGillycuddy - Business & Outreach Coordinator (LinkedIn)

Liam is completing his master’s degree in Urban & Economic Geography at Utrecht University. His knowledge regarding the interaction of social and technical systems has developed throughout his academic career, reflecting a desire to ethically and dilligently employ technical solutions within social niches. He also brings experience in visual design and marketing, exemplified in work for various individual clients and organizations like Oikocredit.

You can contact Liam by emailing lmcg at edion period io.

The trio’s combined expertise—spanning AI, urban and economic geography, visual design, and real-world applications in crypto and DeFi—forms the robust backbone of Edion. This diverse skill set fuels our mission to pioneer transformative educational solutions that are not only innovative but also deeply rooted in ethical practices and real-world applicability.

Join Our Educational Revolution

Edion is not just developing tools; we are fostering a movement to enhance the educational experience globally. We invite educators, institutions, and stakeholders within the education sector to join us in this transformative journey, where technology meets passion and dedication to teaching.

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