Educational tools designed to empower teachers and students.

What is Edion?

Edion is an innovative start-up poised to elevate the education sector by seamlessly integrating advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) with traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS). While our vision encompasses a student-focused AI tutor, our primary concentration is on a revolutionary AI-powered teacher’s assistant tailored for secondary education. This AI assistant is meticulously crafted to alleviate educators’ administrative burdens, offering solutions like conversational academic progress and behavioural reporting, allowing teachers more time and energy to dedicate to quality education.

Funding and Ambitions

Our journey has received a significant boost with the attainment of the MIT grant, administered by the Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland (SNN). This milestone not only reflects confidence in our innovation but also mandates us to complete an exhaustive feasibility study by the year’s end, a challenge we are adeptly navigating. Every stride in our journey is geared towards refining and expanding the AI assistant, aligning its functionalities with the practical and diverse needs of educators.

The Visionaries Behind Edion

Edion’s journey is steered by co-founders Ark Deliev and Olivia Monné.

Ark Deliev - Co-founder, CEO (LinkedIn)

Ark is an AI bachelor-level student at the University of Groningen, scheduled to graduate next year. He brings to Edion a rich backdrop of experience and insights from the realms of crypto and decentralised finance, having contributed to notable projects like Stellite and Metavault DAO.

You can contact Ark by emailing ark period deliev at edion period io.

Olivia Monné - Co-founder, CTO (LinkedIn)

Olivia completed her bachelor’s degree in AI at the University of Groningen and her master’s in AI at the Vrije University in Amsterdam. Her expertise in machine learning is enriched by significant contributions to the DeFi project Eternal as well as her experience freelancing as a full-stack engineer.

You can contact Olivia by emailing omonne at edion period io.

Liam McGillycuddy - Business & Outreach Coordinator (LinkedIn)

Liam is completing his master’s degree in Urban & Economic Geography at Utrecht University. His knowledge regarding the interaction of social and technical systems has developed throughout his academic career, reflecting a desire to ethically and dilligently employ technical solutions within social niches. He also brings experience in visual design and marketing, exemplified in work for various individual clients and organizations like Oikocredit.

You can contact Liam by emailing lmcg at edion period io.

The trio’s combined expertise—spanning AI, urban and economic geography, visual design, and real-world applications in crypto and DeFi—forms the robust backbone of Edion. This diverse skill set fuels our mission to pioneer transformative educational solutions that are not only innovative but also deeply rooted in ethical practices and real-world applicability.

Our Current Focus

In the wake of the MIT grant, our focus is honed on the AI teaching assistant, a tool designed to revolutionize how teachers manage administrative tasks. Edion’s AI assistant stands distinct for its conversational approach to academic and behavioural reporting, an innovation set to render this traditionally time-consuming task efficient and intuitive.

Teachers can engage in natural conversations about their students, and the AI assistant adeptly translates this into comprehensive and insightful reports. This feature, coupled with the ease of recollecting detailed student histories and the AI’s ability to offer referral and decision-making recommendations based on incident details and student history, underscores Edion’s uniqueness.

While our MVP is focused on the AI teacher’s assistant, the vision for a student-facing AI tutor remains alive. It is an integral part of our long-term strategy to offer a holistic and enriched learning and teaching environment, though for now, the emphasis is on perfecting and rolling out the teacher’s assistant tool.

Join Us in This Educational Revolution

Edion is not just a tool; it’s a movement towards optimized, efficient, and qualitative education. As we continue to innovate and refine our offerings, we invite educators, institutions, and stakeholders in the education sector to join us in this exciting journey. Together, we can sculpt an educational landscape where technology and human ingenuity converge for enriched learning and teaching experiences.

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